Course Schedule

Below is the week-by-week schedule for the course.

For copies of the demo code written in class, please see the demo code repository.

Week Dates Event / Topics Other
Week 1 22-Aug to 26-Aug Introduction to Computing
Getting Started in Python
Sequences and Functions with Turtle
hw1 (due 31-Aug)
Quiz 1 (26-Aug)
Week 2 29-Aug to 2-Sep User I/O (Input/Output)
Data and Expressions
Variables and Functions
hw2 (due 7-Sep)
Quiz 2 (2-Sep)
Week 3 5-Sep to 9-Sep Loops
hw3 (due 14-Sep)
Quiz 3 (9-Sep)
Week 4 12-Sep to 16-Sep Style
hw4 (due 21-Sep)
Quiz 4 (16-Sep)
Week 5 19-Sep to 23-Sep Image Processing hw5 (due 5-Oct)
Sample license plates
Quiz 5 (23-Sep)
Practice 1 (ungraded)
Week 6 26-Sep to 30-Sep Exam #1 (28-Sep)
Week 7 3-Oct to 7-Oct Dictionaries
Recursion (Part 1)
hw6 (due 19-Oct)
Quiz 6 (7-Oct)
10-Oct to 14-Oct Fall Break!
Week 8 17-Oct to 21-Oct Recursion (Part 2)
Object Oriented Programming
2d Lists (As needed)
hw7 (due 26-Oct)
Quiz 7 (21-Oct)
Recursion Practice (due never)
OOP Practice (due never)
Week 9 24-Oct to 28-Oct Graphics
Term Project Introduction
hw8 (due 2-Nov)
Quiz 8 (28-Oct)
Week 10 31-Oct to 4-Nov Animations hw9 (due 9-Nov)
Quiz 9 (4-Nov)
Week 11 7-Nov to 11-Nov Exam #2 (9-Nov)
Week 12 14-Nov to 18-Nov Networking tp1 (due 15-Nov)
Week 13 21-Nov to 25-Nov Efficiency
Searching & Sorting
Big-O Practice
tp2 (due 22-Nov)
tp3 (due 26-Nov)
Week 14 28-Nov Term Project Showcase