The following is a tentative schedule. It will likely change and be updated throughout the semester.

Note: Code demonstrated in class is available in the demo code repository. Need help importing demo code into Eclipse? Watch this video.

Week Dates Lecture Topics Quiz (Thur) Assignments
Week 1 2-Sep to 6-Sep Quiz 1 HW1 (Due 17-Sep)
Week 2 9-Sep to 13-Sep Quiz 2
Week 3 16-Sep to 20-Sep Quiz 3 HW2 (Due 24-Sep)
Week 4 23-Sep to 27-Sep Quiz 4 HW3 (Due 8-Oct)
Week 5 30-Sep to 4-Oct Quiz 5
Week 6 7-Oct to 11-Oct
Drop deadline: 11-Oct
  • Implementing a Generic Linked List (part 2)
  • Recursion
HW4 (Due 22-Oct 25-Oct)
Week 7 14-Oct to 18-Oct
  • Midterm Review
  • Midterm (October 16)
Week 8 21-Oct to 25-Oct Abstract Classes and Interfaces HW5 (Due 12-Nov)
Week 9 28-Oct to 1-Nov Fall Break
Week 10 4-Nov to 8-Nov Quiz 6
Week 11 11-Nov to 15-Nov
Withdrawl deadline: 13-Nov
Quiz 7 HW6 (Due 26-Nov)
Week 12 18-Nov to 22-Nov Binary Search Tree Implementation Quiz 8 HW7 (Due 10-Dec)
Proposal Due 27-Nov
Week 13 25-Nov to 29-Nov Quiz 9
Week 14 2-Dec to 6-Dec Quiz 10
Week 15 9-Dec to 11-Dec Review
Finals Final Exam (19-Dec, 8:30am - 11:30am, in 1190)